Our Team

Rhymetec’s leadership and technical teams are made of the worlds most elite cybersecurity professionals, who have dealt with diverse types of sophisticated cyber attacks and technical vulnerabilities. We are breaking new ground with our avant-garde, focused approach that allows us to tailor the most innovative, secure cybersecurity solutions.

Justin Rende (Founder/CEO)

Justin Rende has been providing comprehensive and customizable technology solutions to clients around the globe since 2001. With his focus on innovation and efficiency Justin is set apart from his colleagues by his technology-forward methodology. His understanding of industry trends has allowed him to stay on top of the latest security threats and match them with the most innovative and best-of-breed products and solutions.

In 2014 Justin’s focused exclusively on cybersecurity to develop the most secure and innovative cyber security solutions. He advises his clients to adopt technology before it becomes mainstream, resulting in the most secure technology at a much lower cost.

Justin currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He has traveled to over 30 countries, spent vast amounts of time working internationally. Justin progressive beliefs extend beyond technology to his personal life as he is always in pursuit of personal progress and innovation. Some of his interests include: science and technology, global sustainability, cycling around NYC, social entrepreneurship, film, fitness and his dog Tyson.

Dan Steadman (Co-Founder/CTO)

Dan Steadman has a passion for innovation and security which has built him an industry reputation for staying ahead of the bleeding edge of technology. Dan has an ability to recognizing technology industry leaders before they become mainstream allowing him to provide his clients with an unbiased, best-of-breed solution that is not based on industry pressure.

The backbone of Dan’s career is built on the knowledge several programming languages, frameworks, and the infrastructure that drives them. Dan’s innovative passion for staying ahead of the market curve has allowed him to work with some of the most high-value companies to implement security best practices and standards.

Dan resides in Brooklyn NY and has lived in NYC for the past 8 years. During this time, Dan’s passion for computers and networking has taken him from creative agencies to premier startup incubators and finally to co-founding